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“We Are Not Getting a Beaver!” Thumbnail

“We Are Not Getting a Beaver!”

With money, it’s helpful to have a plan of action which simply tells you what to do just like the beaver does. We need dams and lodges too in order to protect our own goals and interests.

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2023 Q2 Commentary Thumbnail

2023 Q2 Commentary

As we enter the back half of the year, both bulls and bears remain convinced they will be proven correct. Bulls, that a new bull market in stocks has begun after suffering a decline in 2022. Bears, that this year’s recent advance will prove to be nothing more than a bear market rally that evaporates as we enter a recession later this year or in 2024. While we certainly pay close attention to the economy and financial markets, we are not in the business of divining what the future will hold in order to guide our portfolios.

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Planning for Your Next Putt Thumbnail

Planning for Your Next Putt

As the great Arnold Palmer famously observed, “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.” Life is a lot like that, too. Our team at PYA Waltman helps individuals and families create a plan to navigate the intricacies of their financial journey – no matter the season in which they find themselves.

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More is Caught Than Taught Thumbnail

More is Caught Than Taught

Aaron Nolan shares the lessons he learned from his own father and teaches that it is the lessons we give with our actions that make a lasting impression.

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