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The Ten-Year Project: Update #7 Thumbnail

The Ten-Year Project: Update #7

Bitcoin’s journey has been full of spectacular advances followed by seeming extinction with plenty of “I told you so by the pundits” along the way.

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Willpower & Stale Popcorn Thumbnail

Willpower & Stale Popcorn

Willpower is a funny thing. Most people don’t have it, yet think they do. If you put us in a dark room with a movie and give us a bucket of popcorn, our instinct is to eat it and eat lots. Even if it is stale!

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Happiness Turns Blue Thumbnail

Happiness Turns Blue

I don’t know about you, but secrets to living to 100 doesn’t intrigue me as much as secrets to happiness. What’s the point in living to 100 if you’re not happy, anyway?

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To Everything there is a Season Thumbnail

To Everything there is a Season

Autumn is a time of change. As the temperatures cool and the days grow shorter, we experience nature’s transition from the warmth of summer to the crispness of late autumn.

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2023 Q3 Commentary Thumbnail

2023 Q3 Commentary

The story of this year has been the persistent rise in interest rates. This trend really began to accelerate in September into early October. Rates rattled financial markets resulting in a stock market correction and prompting some to consider whether the bond vigilantes were back.

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