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The Certainty of Uncertainty Thumbnail

The Certainty of Uncertainty

History tells us there is always something we can worry about...recessions, wars, political tension, inflation, deflation and the list goes on. Is the uncertainty of today unique?

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Protect the Lead Thumbnail

Protect the Lead

For some people, March signifies the start of spring. For others, it signifies the start of March Madness. In Aaron’s latest article, he revisits one of the most bizarre tournament games in recent years & explores the overlooked lesson hidden within.

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Love is a Verb Thumbnail

Love is a Verb

In 2022, Americans spent an astounding $23.9 billion on Valentine’s Day. We all love romance and thoughtful gestures of love; however, I can’t help but imagine the transformative potential of redirecting some of that towards actions that tangibly benefit our community.

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2023 Q4 Commentary Thumbnail

2023 Q4 Commentary

As we enter the new year, we are once again inundated with numerous forecasts of what the year will hold. While these can be entertaining, they can also be hazardous to your financial health if taken too seriously.

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The Ten-Year Project: Update #7 Thumbnail

The Ten-Year Project: Update #7

Bitcoin’s journey has been full of spectacular advances followed by seeming extinction with plenty of “I told you so by the pundits” along the way.

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