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Financial Planning

What does financial planning look like at PYA Waltman?

Very simply, we journey through a process that uncovers where you are today and where you hope to be in the future in order to chart a course that will ultimately deliver you to your intended financial destination. Setting goals is only one half of what can end up being a very complicated equation. Between career changes, abrupt life changes, and altered goals – it is important to collaborate with a firm that is prepared to guide you through the unexpected. After all, your financial plan is living, breathing, and evolutionary. The experts at PYA Waltman can guide your progress in a way that accommodates these adaptations, while keeping you on the path to long-term success.

The process is broken down into several well-defined areas, all addressed during the initial engagement phase (a series of meetings over several months):

  1. Your Life & Financial Priorities: A discussion of the goals and objectives that provide context for the financial plan as a whole.
  2. Financial Organization: Before we can give guidance, we must first have a clear understanding of your entire financial picture.
  3. Asset Management: A review of your total investment picture, including recommendations rooted in fulfilling your financial planning objectives.
  4. Cash Flow: How will you use your money to intentionally accomplish your goals?
  5. Financial Independence (Retirement) Planning: Forward looking projections. Are you on track for your goals? What adjustments can/should be made?
  6. Insurance & Risk Management: Review of your current coverages and recommendations to protect you and your family from catastrophe.
  7. Estate & Charitable Planning: Helping you transfer your lifetime assets to your heirs, charitable organizations, or causes near to your heart.

Every step to this process ensures that your goals are met, both personally as well as financially. After establishing your initial plan, we revise it annually as your life changes.

Why Values-Based Planning

Our experience as financial advisors over the years has shown that the most effective way to help a client realize their financial ambitions is by understanding who they are, what they value, and how they dream for the future. Values-based planning allows our team to connect with clients on a level that encourages collaborative conversations and trustworthy relationships. Not only does this unique approach allow for collaboration between our team and our clients, it gives us the opportunity to provide clear answers to the most common question we receive as financial advisors – Will I be okay?

Whether you happen to be a young single professional, a family man or woman in middle-age, or a key decision maker in your business, PYA Waltman offers values-based planning solutions that consider your entire life picture, not simply a financial snapshot. The end result? A firm grasp on your finances, and an overwhelming affirmation, Yes, you will.