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Planning for Your Next Putt Thumbnail

Planning for Your Next Putt

As we enter the summer season, many of us look forward to outdoor hobbies that escaped us during the winter months. Summer encourages trips to the lake, leisure time at the pool, and evening walks to get your favorite ice cream. As an avid golfer, I look forward to summer because it marks the beginning of early morning tee times, extended evening range sessions, and serves as the perfect season for me to help my new wife learn the game I love!  

 All golfers, regardless of skill or age, have a unique bond with one another – they all have experienced the ups and downs that the sport constantly provides. The feeling of breaking 100 for the first time or making your first birdie is something that no other activity can provide. Conversely, hitting a tee shot and watching it sail out of bounds, or missing a five-foot putt for par, or being challenged with a diabolical 80-yard fairway bunker shot are simply emotions that do not resonate with non-golfers.   

  If you have had the opportunity to play a prestigious course (think Oakmont, Pebble Beach, TPC Sawgrass), you will know that the provision of a local caddie can be quite beneficial. He or she will help you understand the intricacies of each green, offer advice on club selection, and help you lay up to a perfect yardage for your next shot. An experienced one will also assist in navigating the course to keep you on track to accomplish your goal and avoid the feeling of wasted time and energy. Since a round of golf can take a few hours to complete, you and your caddie will have plenty of time to get to know each other. Which is usually a good thing because the better they know you, both in your golf game and personal life, the more specific their advice can be. As we all know, no advice will automatically turn you into a tour pro but take it from someone who has misjudged the wind countless times, the right advice is always helpful!  

 As the great Arnold Palmer famously observed, “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.” Life is a lot like that, too. Our team at PYA Waltman helps individuals and families create a plan to navigate the intricacies of their financial journey – no matter the season in which they find themselves. We know that no individual, family, or financial situation is the exact same, which is why we take pride in knowing our clients. Whether you are just starting out in a career or coming to the end of one, we understand that there is much more to you than your financial situation. The more we know about your goals, the better we can serve you. No matter where your next adventure takes you, we would be honored to serve as your experienced guide. We will be with you each step of the way - keeping you on course and prepared for your next putt.   

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