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Plan Ahead & Enjoy the Trip Thumbnail

Plan Ahead & Enjoy the Trip

Plan Ahead & Enjoy the Trip  

Jake Hoheisel, CFP ®

The average American family might discuss the idea of using the summer to take a quick weekend trip to the mountains or vacationing somewhere with sandy beaches and calm waters. Traveling, either with friends or family, presents an opportunity to create an array of memories – like that one special photo with your best friend, a laugh shared with your significant other by the pool, or the joy of watching a sunset as you eat ice cream with your children.

Fond memories like these can last a lifetime. As the traveler enjoys the view of a snowy mountain or the vastness of an ocean, it can be easy to forget the important pre-trip planning that created such a postcard memory. Planning for any vacation or quick getaway can sometimes be a confusing or stressful process but these feelings thankfully slip away once we get to our destination. One specific trip comes to mind when I think about my own travels.

To celebrate a newly married couple in our friend group, my wife and I pitched the idea of taking a “friend group cruise” to The Bahamas. The initial excitement was contagious. Our group of six discussed all the exciting elements of our upcoming trip, such as possible excursions. We then had to finalize the not-so-fun aspects of our trip, such as flights, travel documents, and budgetary items. Almost anyone would rather spend their free time daydreaming about a lazy beach day instead of comparing flights costs!

Before my wife and I left for the airport, we answered the most important pre-departure questions – Do we have our travel documents? Did we pack enough sunscreen? Is the stove off? These types of questions could throw a wrench into the works if they are left unanswered. We felt comfortable with our plan and so did our travel friends.

Our plan, unfortunately, did not work the way we hoped. After multiple delays at the airport and one lost suitcase, our group agreed to revise our travel plan. Fueled with bland airport food, our group boarded one last flight with hopes of arriving at our destination. Thankfully, we arrived at our destination and boarded the cruise with no further issues. Although the lost suitcase ultimately did not make its way on board, we were thankful to be safe and one step closer to a peaceful vacation.

As our group spent the final evening of our trip reflecting on memories and retelling funny stories, we all agreed that our pre-trip planning reduced the number of stressors we could have faced along the way. We applauded ourselves for creating this plan, but we were specifically proud of our ability to pivot when things outside of our control, like a lost suitcase, turned our trip upside down. Although we had doubts along the way, sticking to our plan and adjusting that plan when needed helped our trip end in success.

Having confidence in a more stable yet flexible plan can help anyone face the unknowns of travel, retirement, and life. At PYA Waltman Capital, we recognize that creating a plan for the events ahead can sometimes be easier said than done. We understand that life throws unexpected curveballs, so we take pride in working with individuals and families to create a financial plan that helps them navigate these surprises. Whether your goal is to hike in the Grand Canyon or step back from work, we understand the importance of having a tailored plan that can help you navigate the unexpected surprises we all face.

Originally published in West Knoxville Lifestyle.

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