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(Parental) Guidance is Advised Thumbnail

(Parental) Guidance is Advised

My mom made me go to summer camp growing up. Multiple times. Completely against my will. One of my more marked memories about summer camp is a week-long mission trip to Alabama the summer before eighth grade. We had just started attending a new church, and my introverted soul was overwhelmed anytime I walked in the doors of the youth room. At the time, the thought of spending more than an hour with those people was terrifying. One Wednesday night, the youth pastor pulled me aside and said, “Hannah, your mom told me you could go to Alabama with us this summer!” The look on my face caused him to try to redact his statement by saying, “Looks like this is news to you… not the good kind.” Instant panic. 

Fast forward to the night before the trip, I had refused to pack and begged my parents to let me back out. But alas, my mom made me go. With tears in her eyes, she dropped me off at the church at 5 a.m. the next day. Honestly, I could not tell you much detail about the trip. What I do remember is building incredible relationships with people that week. I gained self-confidence while serving others. I grew in my faith, and I grew up a little. I owe all of that (and so much more) to my mom. To this day, she says that was one of her more trying moments as a parent, caught between wanting me to be happy, and knowing what potential the trip had to shape me into the young woman I was becoming. I am grateful she chose the latter. 

As cliché as it sounds, we often think we know best. Choosing what we think will make us happy based on feeling and comfortability is usually easier, but often not best. While I do agree that instinct can help aid our decision making, sometimes the best things for us are brought to our attention by those around us. As with so many other life lessons, this truth can transcend to our finances as well. Having a trusted advisor providing an outside perspective or a nudge of accountability can call us to action that we might otherwise quietly sidestep.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let’s remember the invaluable guidance our moms, or other personal champions, have selflessly provided throughout our lives, even when it hurts. Let’s also remember that some of the greatest strides we have yet to make in our finances, relationships, career paths, or personal growth could be spurred on from those around us whom we trust. I know I speak for each member of the PYA Waltman team when I say we take pride in and derive great joy from giving sound advice that allows our clients to live the most fulfilling lives they can, even when it, at times, feels like tough love.   

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