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Employee Spotlight: Welcome Trevor Thumbnail

Employee Spotlight: Welcome Trevor

We are excited to introduce PYAW’s newest team member, Trevor Gunter, who will serve as a Financial Advisor based in Atlanta.

Trevor earned his Business and Economics degree from Wheaton College, where he was a member of the Men’s Basketball team. He is currently pursuing the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM designation.

Originally from Tyler, Texas, Trevor enjoys both following and participating in sports, traveling, and trying new restaurants with his wife, Rue.

  • Favorite Restaurant: Timoti’s Seafood Shack
  • Favorite Book: The Psychology of Money, Morgan Housel
  • Something – big or small – that you are really good at: I was a gymnast as a kid, can still do a pretty good handstand.
  • Best advice you’ve been given: Time and people are your most important assets! Cherish them. - my Dad

“Growth is driven by compounding, which always takes time. Destruction is driven by single points of failure, which can happen in seconds, and loss of confidence, which can happen in an instant.” Morgan Housel, The Psychology of Money