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To Everything there is a Season Thumbnail

To Everything there is a Season

Article by Payton VeStrand

Autumn is a time of change. As the temperatures cool and the days grow shorter, we experience nature’s transition from the warmth of summer to the crispness of late autumn. The temperate climate of East Tennessee affords us the unique opportunity to see this pronounced shift before our very eyes. It’s the transformational aspect of fall that many of us love. In fact, 41% of Americans rank autumn as their favorite season- and I wholeheartedly agree! What is possibly better than cheering on your alma mater with friends, going on a long drive to see the leaves, or simply enjoying a slice of pumpkin pie?

But if you are anything like me, there is an ever-present thought in the back of your head that this brief period of transitional bliss will draw to a close as winter approaches. Football season draws to an inevitable close, the pumpkins on our front porch spoil, and peppermint replaces pumpkin spice as the flavor du jour. This subtle transition we experience each year recalls a fact that we know all too well- the only constant in life is change.

As adults, we experience life’s constant changes from the first moment of independence. Some of these changes we welcome with open arms. And other times we wish we could hit pause and enjoy a specific season of life for just a bit longer. What changes have you experienced in the past year? Maybe you welcomed a child or grandchild to the family, switched careers, picked up a new hobby, or traveled somewhere new that left an indelible impression on you. No matter what season you currently find yourself in, you are sure to be experiencing both uniquely sweet moments and distinctive challenges.

Each season of life also comes with its unique financial circumstances. For example, the financial goals and priorities of a young couple just starting their careers will look different from those of a developed family with an eye toward retirement. It’s natural for your financial intentions to change as you progress through the seasons of life. You will accomplish some goals. But other times your priorities will shift. Maybe you have never reflected on your goals and priorities as it relates to your finances. The holiday season can be a great time to do this. I recommend carving out some intentional time with your spouse or family to assess your current goals and discuss what changes you would like to implement as you transition into life’s next inescapable evolution. 

As you watch nature transform around you this fall, reflect on your current season and give thanks for the sweet moments of today while looking forward to the experiences that are still to come. Take time to examine how your financial goals have evolved and reflect on your plan for the next season, come what may.  

Originally published in West Knoxville Lifestyle.

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