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Welcome, Kingdom Advisor Students

Hey there, potential Waltman Capital employee!

The last few years, I have been in your shoes. I attended the KA conference as a student for the past four years and I am attending for the first time as a financial planning associate this year. If you are looking for your future firm, keep reading.

By the grace of God, I found my dream firm at Waltman Capital in Knoxville, Tennessee. What makes it my dream firm? The incredible team, the challenging yet supportive career track, and the culture all create my ideal atmosphere.

Waltman Capital has three teams that work together to serve our hundreds of clients. Our planning team, comprised of advisors and associates, help clients articulate their values and align their financial goals accordingly. With these values as the framework, we help our clients make informed, financially sound decisions. Our in-house investment team supports clients by researching and locating quality businesses to invest in that protect the client’s capital and position it for growth based on the client’s time frame. Our client service team helps the ship run smoothly by creating a warm atmosphere, coordinating money transfers, processing RMDs and monthly distributions, and scheduling client meetings.

As a financial planning associate, Waltman Capital has set me on a challenging yet supportive career track. Melissa, our Director of Financial Planning, helps craft my role in the firm to fit my strengths and my interests. She is committed to both my personal and professional growth and provides opportunities to challenge me. Within my first year, I will have the opportunity to lead client meetings, take the CFP exam, provide input for firm processes, and perform the heavy lifting for client meetings. All these responsibilities create a foundation that will help me grow into a future advisor.

“Culture” – a lot of firms say this, but what does this look like? This looks like a place where everyone encourages one another. A place where mistakes are learning opportunities. A place where employees are trusted and given responsibility from day one. A place where work-life balance is honored.  A place where we have game afternoons, birthday lunches, and great snacks. A place where the executive leadership cares about their employees and meets with us on a weekly basis. Culture at Waltman Capital is the embodiment of our core values – Growth, Excellence, Gratitude, and Trust.

We are looking for a full-time financial planning associate to join our team this summer that embraces those core values and desires a firm with a strong team structure, a rewarding career track, and a supportive culture. If you are looking for a firm that values you, encourages you, and challenges you, say hi!

Melissa and I look forward to learning more about you at the KA conference – your experience, your likes and dislikes, and your vision for the future. See you there!