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Time Starved, Take Heart Thumbnail

Time Starved, Take Heart

Please raise your hand if you feel like you have enough time in your day to grow professionally, spend ample time with your family, keep your home maintained, stay on top of your other responsibilities AND aggressively tackle your financial goals.  Anyone? Anyone?

By now, we’ve all figured out that time is life’s most precious commodity.  Yet, it keeps slipping away. Hours fade into days, which fade into years, and then one day you wonder if you’ll be financially ready and able to transition into retirement.  What would that even look like?

We are blessed to work with focused clients who are professionally successful and are aggressively saving, but many of them have not taken the time to stop, reflect and consider what they’re racing toward. I recently happened upon a quote that has resonated in my mind.

“If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable.” – Seneca 

If this resonates with you as you reflect on your financial situation, we can help. Our financial planning services are designed around the following intention. We strive to help our clients determine to which port they’re sailing, and then outline achievable next steps. We collaborate with them and monitor progress, which allows them to be fully present in the other areas of their lives.

Life is too short to let the topic of money sit heavily in the back of your mind. How much better to identify your port, set sail and enjoy the ride.